In order to successfully install your Office package, all other Office packages must first be uninstalled. However, there may be leftovers deep in the system. Deleting them manually can be a nuisance. Therefore, we recommend this guide so that you can easily remove the leftovers.



Step 1

Open the website and click on the blue "Download" button there.



Step 2

Now click on the Start/Window symbol at the bottom left of your screen and then on the Explorer tab.




Step 3

Now go to the Downloads folder.




Step 4

Execute the file by double-clicking on the installation file.




Step 5

Now wait until the following process is loaded.




Step 6

Now approve the installation by clicking on Install.




Step 7

Now wait until the programme is completely loaded.




Step 8

Agree to the privacy policy.




Step 9

Now wait until the installation is complete.
Info: Do not click Next during this process.




Step 10

Now click on Yes to allow changes on the PC and thus complete the installation of the tool.




Step 11

Now select the Office versions to be uninstalled. 




Step 12

A drop-down menu will appear where you can select the Office versions to be completely uninstalled. We recommend that you select All versions listed above. This ensures that absolutely no Office versions will remain on the computer. Then click on Next.




Step 13

Save your documents and put a tick in the box as shown in the picture and then click Next.




Step 14

Now the clean-up takes place. This step may take some time, so we ask for your patience here.




Step 15

Once the clean-up is complete, you will need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect and be updated.




Step 16

After you have restarted, you will be offered to install an Office version. Click on No to reject this.


Now go to the Download and download the installation file from our download page.
Now nothing stands in the way of the installation and you can now install your Office package without any problems.

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