You receive the following error when starting Outlook?


In this article we would like to give you a solution to the problem.
In most cases, this error is caused by a defective Outlook profile.
For this reason, the easiest way is to simply create a new Outlook profile.

1. Open the Control Panel.

2. In the Control Panel, select Mail (Microsoft Outlook). It is possible that this category is not displayed. In this case, select Display: Large Icons at the top right.



3. In the following window, select Show Profiles.



4. Now select Add. For Profile name, enter Outlook2 and click OK.


5. In the next step you can enter your e-mail address. For the password, please use the password that belongs to the respective e-mail address. 

6. If you have made all the entries correctly, the automatic setup of the mailbox will start.

If the automatic setup does not work for you, you can also set up the profile manually. We have also created a helpful article on this. There you will find a detailed explanation of how to set up the profile manually and an overview of the various server data for T-Online, GMX, Gmail or, for example. You can find the article here

7. If the profile is set up correctly, Outlook will start normally again. Now you must set the newly created profile as the default. This means that the new profile will always be selected when starting. To do this, select the new profile Outlook2 and then press Apply at the bottom right and then OK.



Congratulations! Your new profile is set up!

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