Allow TeamViewer access to Mac

The macOS security system does not initially allow our support team to access your Mac. Therefore, the owner of the Mac must give permission for remote control. The following section explains step by step how to do this.

InfoTeamViewer itself is not able to grant this access. Likewise, this access cannot be enabled via a connection from another computer.



Step 1

The following dialogue window is displayed if you connect TeamViewer to your computer. Mac launch the first time.

Info: Alternatively, you have the option of opening the same window via Help -> Access to system function.





Step 2

To be able to work on your Mac to help you via the TeamViewer app, we need your permission for:

  • Screen recording
  • Operating aid

Info: Hard disk access is not usually required for our assistance.
Authorisation for screen recording is not required for macOS 10.14 Mojave.





Step 3

Click on Request Access to be able to unlock the corresponding operating aid and screen recording.





Step 4

In the next remote window, click Open System Settings.





Step 5

You will then be redirected to the field Operating aids within the security settings in the Privacy section. To be able to make changes, click here on the symbol lock at the bottom left. 

Info: In order to continue, you may be asked to enter the access data of an administrator. For this purpose, please tick the TeamViewer box to allow access.





Step 6

Then go to Screen Recording and repeat this procedure for the other access.

After successful authorisation, click the lock icon again to protect your settings.



Now one of our staff can access your Mac and help you with the installation.

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