Installing TeamViewer for Windows

Customer satisfaction has a high priority for us.
Therefore, it is important to us to help our customers in the best and fastest way possible.

That's why our support offers the possibility of remote maintenance via the TeamViewer to make use of.

TeamViewer is a software for remote access and remote control of computers and terminals.

In order to be able to help you quickly, we ask you to install the TeamViewer free of charge from our site in advance. Enclosed you will find instructions on how to install the remote maintenance programme effortlessly.



Step 1

On our Website you will find the Service/Help area in the top right-hand corner. Now click on the button TeamViewer Support.




Step 2

You will then be redirected to the following page, where the TeamViewer download will start automatically.





Step 3

Each browser handles downloads differently. Therefore, we recommend that you click on the Windows symbol at the bottom left of your desktop and type Explorer in the top line. Now you can click on your downloads.





Step 4

You can then open TeamViewer with a double click.





Step 5

Now click Yes.





Step 6

Check the box to accept the terms of the EULA and GCU. This is necessary in order to continue. Then click Continue.





Step 7

The following window will now appear. The session code is automatically entered in this window and your name is inserted. You will then receive a remote control request from one of our staff members.





Step 8

To confirm the request, please click Allow.



Note for Mac users: Apple's security system prevents access to the device for the time being. Therefore, it is necessary to allow access in the settings.

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