You already have Kaspersky Anti-Virus on your computer, but you only want to renew the license? The following instructions will show you how to do it.

If you do not have a license, you can dieser Anleitung to install and activate it on your computer.

The installation instructions apply to the following versions:

    ✔ Kaspersky Antivirus 
    ✔ Kaspersky Internet Security
    ✔ Kaspersky Total Security


Step 1

Click on the term of your license at the bottom right.



Step 2

If you have an active license that is still valid, click Details. If your license has expired, you can continue from Step 5.



Step 3

Your old product key must be removed. Click the trash can next to the product key to remove the product key from your account.



Step 4

Now click Delete to confirm the removal of the old license key.



Step 5

Now go back to the license management page and click Enter Activation Code.



Step 6

Now enter the product key there and then click Save Activation Code.



Step 7

Then click Done.



Step 8

You will now see when the next renewal of your license will take place and if you have stored a reserve code, this will also be displayed.



Your term is now extended.
Enjoy your product!

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