Instruction valid for:

✔️ G Data Antivirus

✔️ G Data Internet Security

✔️ G Data Total Security


For a new installation please follow the instructions from step 1.

For an extension, please follow the instructions from Step 5.


Step 1:

After installation, select "Activate full version".


Step 2:

In the next window, select "Enter a new registration number".


Step 3:

Enter your data here. The registration number is the product key you received from us by mail. Then click on "Activate now".


Step 4:

After the successful registration you have to restart your PC.


Step 5:

Open the G Data software. There you can now that your license is activated and valid. Click on "Access data" to get to the next window. In the new window you can extend your license.


Step 6:

In this window you have an overview of your license. The duration is displayed here. In this example valid until 10.12.2022. Via the button "Activate new license" you can extend your G Data license.


Step 7:

Here you have to enter your data again as in step 3. IMPORTANT: The e-mail address must be identical to the one you entered for the first license, so that the licenses are added. Then click on "Activate now".


Step 8:

By clicking on "Access data" in the main view of the software, you can now see that the license has been extended or renewed for 1 year.




Your software was successfully installed & activates!

Do you have problems with the activation? Contact us and our trained staff will be happy to help you.

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