So registrieren und aktivieren Sie CCleaner Professional für Mac

Where do I enter the license key?

(CCleaner Professional for Mac) To register a license for
CCleaner Professional for Mac: Open CCleaner and click Options > About.
Click Subscribe or Upgrade to Pro.

To activate a new license key if your license was already purchased at the CCleaner-Anwendung is registered: Open CCleaner and click Options> About.
Double-click on the text line Save: Your Name.
The Save dialog box appears. Enter your CCleaner Professional subscription information from your order confirmation email.

If you receive an error message regarding an invalid license key:
Registration problems are usually caused by input errors in the registration dialog box. To work around this problem, copy and paste the data from the order confirmation email (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V on Windows, Command+C and Command+V on Mac).

Note the following when entering data manually:

  • The license key does not contain the number 1.
  • Try entering a capital i instead of an uppercase i.
  • In the Name field, you must enter your registered name exactly as it appears on the order confirmation. Please do not enter your e-mail address.

Registration problems can also occur when:

CCleaner license has expired. I'm trying to enter CCleaner Professional for Windows license key on a Mac, but I'm trying to enter a CCleaner Professional for Mac license key on a Windows PC.

Note: The CCleaner Professional Plus license key works on Mac and Windows PCs.

Error message "Error saving log file":
This error message is usually caused by CCleaner not running with the required permissions.

On Windows, you can work around this problem by running CCleaner as an administrator. To do this, follow these steps: Right-click on the CCleaner icon.
Select Run as administrator. Enter the registry details in the pop-up window.

On macOS, you need to run CCleaner as Sudo to work around this issue.

Run the following steps:

  1. Select Programs > Utilities > Terminal.
  2. Type the following:
    sudo "/applications/".
  3. Press Enter and type your Mac OS X password (no text is displayed when you type).
  4. Press the Enter key again. CCleaner will now open as "sudo".
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